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My favorite vegetarian friendly restaurants in NYC

I've lived in NYC for a while, and its been a struggle to find a good place that has flavorful food that I can eat. I don't want to spend $15 at brunch for guac and chips. It took me some time to find good places, that were also affordable. If you're in the city and need some tips here are some of my top spots.

Momo Crave (Queens)

I found out about this place through my Nepali friends and it's amazing. Affordable with lots of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. I personally recommend the regular and tandoori momos. If you have a good spice tolerance, I've heard great things about the chili momos.

After the food if you need a refresher, Dulce Cultura has some amazing ice cream flavors to try. The best for me so far was cinnamon churro.

Patti Haus (Brooklyn)

My wallet is worried because I'm so close to this place. It's not expensive but it's soo good that I might get a habit. They offer well-spiced vegetarian patties on a regular basis, in a decent size. I usually get full from just two.

Aunts et Uncles (Brooklyn)

I have a friend who lives in Flatbush and I'm always asking for us to meet here. It's vegetarian friendly and well-spiced. The so simple sandwich is my go to.

Dhania (Brooklyn)

I'm usually hesitant to get Indian food outside, since I can make it at home. But I can't make samosa chaat at home. I went in a rainy day and got samosa chaat, peshwari naan, and some chai. I have no regrets about my order. The chai was comforting and I love peshwari naan.

Any Falafel Cart (NYC)

This is basic but true any falafel cart is, I think, a must in the city or any city that offers it. The white sauce, the red sauce, the falafel, and flavored rice, an affordable and quick meal.

Empanadas Monumental (Various Locations)

A great snack, and a lot of flavor, if you're okay with cheese which is not always strictly vegetarian. Aside from the empanadas, their juices are delightful especially on a summer day.

If you try any of these places let me know in the comments below.


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